Tradestation global

TSG now charges €15/month. Investing is not just about making money. My story with the discovery of Tradestation Global is related to sharing and caring of others. The vicious circle of goodness I like my job. Naively I think this will be my last job ever. Good team, self-expression opportunities and lack of boredom. Exciting. We have been growing and expanding our team recently. One of my university friends also returned to Lithuania and appeared to me as a great future team member. I recommended…Continue Reading „Tradestation global – ETF panacea in Europe”

FinBee Verslui dovana

My favourite crowdfunding FinBee Business loans just got better this month. My autolend on FinBee Business platform has already lent over €9.000. Initially I was not inclined to invest in business loans because their returns seemed low. However, as the interest of private loans is getting lower and the economy is become more unclear, I started directing my new investments to SME loans. Most of them are short-term. Even when the economic downturn comes some of the loans would have been repaid. Also, the returning…Continue Reading „FinBee Business offers 1% additional interest!”

Reinvest24 Raffle

Another milestone for our blog – first raffle for the readers! Following Reinvest24 review we had been offered to run a raffle for the readers and you can win €50! Rules: Register on Reinvest24 using my referal link until June 30th, 2019 23:59. Pass KYC on the website (you can follow the instructions at the review post). Press SHARE underneath this post. That’s it! Currently the platform offers three projects, I have invested in two of them. Feel free to check the review of the…Continue Reading „Reinvest24 Raffle: win 2 x €50 prizes!”