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FinBee Verslui dovana

My favourite crowdfunding FinBee Business loans just got better this month.

My autolend on FinBee Business platform has already lent over €9.000. Initially I was not inclined to invest in business loans because their returns seemed low. However, as the interest of private loans is getting lower and the economy is become more unclear, I started directing my new investments to SME loans. Most of them are short-term. Even when the economic downturn comes some of the loans would have been repaid. Also, the returning cashflow could be directed towards safer investments.

From loan to a customer

I’d like to share the story how an €8.90 investment in the Meat Guru company helped them not only raise working capital but also expanded the customer-base.

I have invested in the company in 2017 and the loan was paid back quickly. After a while I was shopping at Tymo Market in Vilnius and I saw a trolley where the familiar name of the Meat Guru on the products was screaming. The products were more expensive than I could normally afford (about €20-30/kg for beef stirloin). However, I decided to contribute to a small business growth. My personal contact with the seller is important to me, and the seller of Meat Guru sold not only meat but also fresh mushrooms, which I also bought. So a small investment helped me find a new quality meat seller in Vilnius and I tried some quality food. 🙂

FinBee Business Cashback

Today FinBee Business has announced that investing over €50 in loans will give you a 1% cashback at the end of the month. This offer is extremely useful for investing in short-term loans. For example, investing in 3 months loan of Toverta UAB increases by one-fifth. The loan of €100 (if the loan is repaid in time) would bring 5% return, which is a solid 20% APR. If the loan is not repaid, the head of the company has personally guaranteed the loan with a promissory note, so you actually lend to both the company and its CEO. And if you need aviation fuel tanks inadvertently, you can buy them from Toverta UAB. 🙂

Maybe you had a chance to know your debtor and use their services?

P. S. if you want to start investing in FinBee, you can do it by clicking on the banner below. For this I will get a small commission that will contribute to the maintenance of this blog.

P.P.S. Be sure to research the investment yourself before you making any investment decisions. In this article I only share my personal experience and it is not a recommendation to make any investment decisions. Do your own research.

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