Reinvest24 Raffle: win 2 x €50 prizes!

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Reinvest24 Raffle

Another milestone for our blog – first raffle for the readers! Following Reinvest24 review we had been offered to run a raffle for the readers and you can win €50!


  1. Register on Reinvest24 using my referal link until June 30th, 2019 23:59.
  2. Pass KYC on the website (you can follow the instructions at the review post).
  3. Press SHARE underneath this post.

That’s it! Currently the platform offers three projects, I have invested in two of them. Feel free to check the review of the platform for more detailed information how to earn capital gain AND rental income from crowdfunding to real estate.

Best of luck to you!

UPDATE: the winners are Thomas Nicolaas Cornelis  Groen and Marius  Ažukas. The money will be transferred to your ReInvest24 account as soon as possible. Congratulations!

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