Paysera STO – is it worth participating?

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Paysera STO - naujausia mano investicija

Paysera STO

I did not invest P2P in the last month and „accumulated fat” for investing in Paysera STO.

Paysera carries out STO to attract €2.500.000 for specialized bank licensing in Lithuania and development in South-Eastern Europe and Spain. Thanks to the investment, the company expects to expand the range of services and encourage investors to attract new customers to the company. Obviously, the second part is already working and prompted this article. 🙂

Personal experience

I use Paysera myself and I am happy with it. I used Paysera for currency conversion and orders to the Czech FinBee platform, as well as for transfer to a Lithuanian account from my British account.

Recently, I often see Paysera as a tool for paying tickets for events in Vilnius. Many of the companies I work with use Paysera, especially those with e-shops. My positive experience is confirmed by the fact that the number of companies using Paysera doubled over the last couple of years.

I don’t think Paysera will be a unicorn. Currently it is more of a local player who has been in the market for a decade. It is currently seeking to expand its services. Over the past few years, the company’s gross profit has grown over 30% annually. It is realistic that the latest investments will help maintain growth rates.

Expected return

The company will allocate 10% of the total profit to new investors (registered as of May 1). In general, gross profit in Paysera often coincides with turnover. Gross profit is calculated by deducting service cost from service income. If a company pays €0.29 for a local order, its cost for Paysera is €0.03, so €0.26 is the gross profit. Cost is included only in the cost of the payment itself. Expenses for employees, marketing, etc. are not counted towards the cost of payment. I think it’s a good deal. 🙂

In February 2019 Paysera earned €127.000 in gross profits from the new 2018 customers. In a very conservative manner, the gross profit for the next year should be at least € 1.200.000. If the current growth rate of the company is maintained, next year investors would receive around €160.000 or 6.4% first year’s return. It doesn’t seem very impressive, but over time, new customers will grow. Two years later, I expect a double-digit return on this investment. I am convinced that the company will not shut down in the first year after the investment because it has been operating for a decade, so the investment is not like a traditional start-up. 🙂 Also Paysera is obliged to pay up the investors so they have at least 5% dividends from the investment.

My investment choice

So out of the P2P portfolio I am taking out €1.300, plus €700 of my own money, and I’ll invest €2.000 to Paysera STO. If you would like to invest to Paysera STO feel free to use my referral link and register for the waiting list. By doing that you will help to keep this blog ad-free and help improve the quality of the website. Thank you!

Before making an investment do your own research. I am not a financial advisor and I only share my own experience.

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